Sunday- Feb. 5- Got up relatively early today and drove up to Sunlight, the ski area where I used to teach skiing with Bill Sr. We were the second car in the parking lot. Yeah! I so hate to walk too far. We had a relatively sunny day. It was actually snowing and sunny at the same time. Most of the runs I could remember pretty well and we didn’t get lost. Got cheap tickets because Josh Maynard let us use his Gems card. (Discounts at certain, small areas) Better cost ratio for today’s skiing. Billy had a bit of a problem with his right foot so we called it a day at around 2 o’clock. Veged out for a bit and then went to get our massages at the Vapor Caves, then to work on website at the internet café. Except the cafe was not open so we cruised the streets of Glenwood to try to find internet access floating in the ether. We found it near the Hotel Denver and sat in the car on the side street for almost 45 minutes working on our site. I sort of felt like a spy ready to detonate the bomb inside a building or something. Finally uploaded the site for day 8 and then had a great meal at Tequilas (They don't have a web site but check out the review at the bottom of page). Got sopapillas to go and went to the Hotel Colorado to upload day 9. (Are you getting how much stinkin' work this web site really is?) We thought about using some guy named John's unsecured access but we got it from the Hotel Colorado instead. yeah. Time for bed! Damn. Just as we were going to upload the battery died (I thought we would get a couple of minutes from the time of the warning till it died- Nope, about 30 seconds and we we're fast enough. So it is now 8:30am (on Monday-10th day) and I am at the Sacred Grounds coffee shop uploading.)
Top of Sunlight
Heading towards "Rebel"
How come everyone calls when we're on vacation?
Billy warming the right foot that went numb
Stealing internet access
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Day 9