Started today with Billy’s throat still hurting like crazy. Went back and forth about when, if and how we would go ski. Finally ended saying “Let’s just go for it!” and we did. And are we ever glad we did. Josh got us lift tickets for $35 each at Vail and we only had 10-13” of fresh powder to ski in! Since Billy and I both knew we would not be hard charging it, we sent Josh and Alex off to ski by themselves. We did the Vail stair step approach. You start at one end of the ski area, go up a lift, down a run, up a lift, down a run, etc, etc, etc. for what seems like half a day (Actually it might have been half a day) before you get to the best part of Vail- The Back Bowls. With that much snow, it can be pretty slow going. But oh, was it something else. We skied blue runs (intermediate), green runs (too easy) and some amazing black runs (expert) with snow so deep it was coming up over our knees as we skied down. Made me realize just how out of shape my legs are. Stopped for a very expensive cup of pork stew and did some more heavy duty runs. The snow was great but heavy. Finally we decided to head back to the main area, and of course because of Vail’s absurd layout, it took forever to get back. It’s a huge area, they should spend the next 8 billion, for improvements, on one lift to take you from the main gondola to the top. At any rate, we got done and Billy’s head and throat hurt so much that we decided to go to the walk in clinic instead of the library. It only took 2 hours this time and this doctor couldn’t understand why the other doctor hadn’t given him anything for his throat. So, he’s now on steroids and anti-biotics and said he thinks his swollen lymphnodes have actually gotten smaller. We left Josh and Alex on their last night at the timeshare and headed west. Got as far as Eagle and stopped for the night. Tomorrow is Billy’s birthday and we’re going to just goof off and take our time getting to Glenwood and our friend Brian’s house.
Lot's of Snow!
More Snow!
In China Bowl
In the snow in China Bowl
"It's still snowing!"
Wiped out
Frozen wisps of hair
Frozen beard (ouch!)

Peanut butter and banana sandwich in creation

"Cookin" (quote-unquote)
(close enough, right?)
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Day 6