We’re late again with the news but we skied yesterday and were too tired to write. So here’s the scoop. We got up on Wednesday, hoping that Billy would feel Ok enough to ski. Checked out and got my ticket at the front desk at a discounted rate. (Yeah!) We went to breakfast at Butterhorn Bakery, got stuff to go. Headed up to Keystone and got Billy’s season pass. They never even asked him for ID- just asked his last name, took his picture and gave him his pass. We found parking that we thought would be close, but ended up being all the way through the town, over a bridge and up a hill from the lift. We were exhausted by the time we got to the lift lines. Decided we would take it easy and do a few blue runs before we got going. First run was great and then we didn’t check a map and ended up on Diamondback (I think) which was a black diamond with two foot high moguls. Ok, then we were exhausted. Skied a total of 7 (but we decided the black diamond counted as 10), so 17 runs. We were beat by the time we got back to the car, but the skiing was so phenomenal we didn’t care. We drove up to Vail, where we stayed with Josh Maynard, at the timeshare his Mom let him have. Billy will be rooming with Josh in Denver. Josh’s friend Alex was staying with him and they came down to the car to help us bring stuff in. Alex hefted my huge suitcase on his shoulder and carried my small suitcase in his other hand and carried them both up 3 flights of stairs. (It would have taken me about an hour to try to get them up all those stairs) Billy wasn’t feeling well again so I made him soup and then he slept for awhile. Josh, Alex and I went to the store and got stuff for dinner. Alex was totally put out that I was having white wine with steak. Oh, well. (They don’t know how bad I snore when I drink red wine). Sat in the outdoor hot tub, in the snow while Billy and Josh cooked the steaks. Perfectly, I might add. Billy still had a terrible sore throat and didn’t feel real great. Alex and Josh went out to some bar, Billy went to bed!
Finally skiing!
First ride up
Again, photoshopped due to poor image quality, but still cool.
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Day 5