This is Bill (a.k.a. Billy, a.k.a. B.J.) writing for today’s entry. Well, as you might imagine, today was rather uneventful. On second thought, I suppose you might have imagined that it was eventful due to me being sick and having to go back to the hospital or some craziness like that, but I did not. I woke up and felt much better, though I think my heart rate is still somewhat high, and I still feel a little “foggy.” No fever, which is nice, but my throat is pretty sore. Anyhow, we lounged in the hotel room for some of the morning and then decided we ought to do something, at least just to see if I could handle it. We walked around Frisco, which is a pretty nice little town near Breckenridge, Keystone, A-basin, and Copper. The mountains just seem to jut right up from the center of town. We had burgers at some dive bar, but they were wicked good. Then we went to the town’s little historical museum, which was interesting, but awfully small. (It’s an awfully small town, it seems. Good hospital, though.) We headed back and lounged some more. (This is supremely compelling content, I know.) I think I slept for a bit, watched some Discovery Channel show about robbing people with their consent, and then we decided to head out for dinner. We made our way to the Blue Spruce Inn, and to completely contradict the entire purpose of the “P B and J Tour,” we splurged on smoked trout, brie, some kind of stuffed mushroom junk (ick), salmon cakes, butternut squash, wild rice, cabbage whatnot, and stuffed New York steak. (Actually, I know that sounds like a lot, but we really just split an appetizer platter thing and an entrée. And with some coupon we got a free Tiramisu that we haven’t even eaten yet.) Our superb waitress, Annabelle, was nice enough to snap a pic of us at the table; one of two photos we took today. If you’re ever near Frisco, CO and you’re in the mood for a steak, check that place out and ask for Annabelle. Tip her well, too. (She was definitely an excellent waitress, but I’m also saying that to hopefully incite a chuckle in her if she checks out the site). Anyhow, after dinner we roamed around the area just checking out Silverthorne and Dillon. As far as we could tell they are just strip malls and motels, but we didn’t make it too far, so I think we’ll attempt to suspend judgment for the time being. Alright, I’m wiped out, so I think I’ll watch the second half of the Family Guy movie with headphones on so that (1) my mom won’t be bothered by the sound and (2) I won’t be bothered by the sound of mom’s snoring. (haha, she’s about to read this)

Us at the Blue Spruce Inn and Saloon. This photo came out kind of blurry as the original, so I decided to "photoshop it". ...I love using nouns as verbs!

(I suppose you could pretend it's a really good charcoal drawing of us, and that we sat still long enough for someone to draw it. Yea, that would be entertaining.)
This shot is of the Frisco historical museum. This building was first a saloon for a few years, and then the town bought it and converted it into a schoolhouse, which it remained until 1967 (I think). Classic.
So, that's it for tonight. Day 4 wasn't glamorous and exciting, but, despite the illness, I am having a blast hangin' with my mom. Hopefully skiing tomorrow will be worth the wait, though.
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