Day 3
Carol and Billy working at the computer. The things that kid knows...
We spent a lot of time working on the web site. If anyone asks, it does take a lot of time. Finally got the first two days to upload. The issue wasn't ours, it was the server. Carol left for work and then came home. She started crying at work and they told her to come back after we left. So we taught her a little about Photoshop and Dreamweaver. (My two most favorite programs now). We left at the crack of noon and drove to Boulder. What a town. Went to The Boulder Running Company and got fitted for shoes, that hopefully will help my hip when I walk. Then we went to the Boulder Tea House and had a bite to eat and wonderful tea. The building is just amazing. We headed out of town around 3:00pm. (No rushing anywhere for us). The roads where perfect and we went up Rt. 6, which all steep walls of rock all around us. So beautiful! Started finally seeing some snow and by the time we got to Eisenhower Tunnel there was even snow on the roads and the skies where looking a little threatening. We decided to stop in Frisco for the night and ski Keystone today. Alas, it was not to be. Billy started to fill a bit strange almost as soon as we got to the motel (The Snowshoe Motel, nice room after we asked to be moved from the first one for $4.00 more). He got the chills and then really hot, a bit hysterical (started to sound like me- "Take notes Mom so we don't forget to tell them anything, do you know where you put my shoes, do you have the backpack?") and then lethargic so we headed out to the Emergency Room at around 8:00pm and spent the next four hours watching his temp go from 101 to 90 and heartrate go from 140 down to the 90's after two 1000mLs of fluids. They did all kinds of tests but decided he just has some kind of virus. I worked on our pictures for the web site until the computer battery went too low and by then they said we could leave. We went to 7-11 and got cup of soups for dinner and ate in our room. So much for that steak dinner I was thinking about. Opps, I mean Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. :) Not sure we will even ski on our 4th day. Good thing I don't really care, it's just been so much fun to hang with Billy. He's so easy to be hanging with, even when he's sick.
Saying goodbye in Loveland
Longs Peak in the distance Teahouse
Views on the way out of Boulder and through the canyon.
Finally up where there's snow
Eisenhower Tunnel Loveland Pass
Billy sick in the hotel & later in hospital
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