Day Two-  Started the day with a piece of garlic bread with Peanut Butter.  Found out the jar was for one of the dogs, so he would take his pills.  Hope I don’t die from some dog disease!  Spent tons of time just lounging around and then went to Walmart to get supplies for our trip.  When we returned to Carol's, Dad and Linda headed home before sunset. Billy took a nap which the dogs, Bailey and Bear, interrupted.  My sister lives in Loveland, which is sort of an art and senior community with a beautiful lake.  All they need now is a Dog Park.  I guess since we live rather far outside of any town we don’t worry about that back East but out here I guess it’s rather important.  This evening we spent something like an hour taking pictures of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which Billy had to eat over the course of an hour.  We then worked for another hour finishing the intro page and Day 1 of our site, only to find that it didn’t upload correctly, and we were too tired to try and fix it then.  So, we decided to head out and have a birthday dinner for me and Billy.  Carol brought us to Asian Café where they serve sushi every night but Sunday, the night we were there.  However, we did order a huge amount of great Asian food, so we would all have leftovers.

Mom's not dead yet from the dog's peanut butter
From left to right: Laura, Billy, Carol and Bailey, Linda and Zoe, Grampa Casey and Bear.
Saying goodbye in the blinding sunset
Trying to sleep with a dog cookie on my shoulder
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Day 2