Our 11th Day. It's hard to believe. It has felt longer and shorter than that. We certainly have had a wonderful time and definitely get along great. Billy has been feeling better since the day after the second trip to the doctor. Just has a little bit of a sore spot in his throat. We got up this morning and went, with Brian, to the Sacred Grounds again. We sent out yesterday's update, had great breakfast bagels and then went to Walmart to get stuff for hanging one more picture for Brian. His wall with his plaques looks great. We took off after that and headed over to Arapahoe Basin. What a ski area. The other areas are cool but A-Basin is the most intense. Validated by the fact that on one run, the cat walk was so narrow and the pitch next to it so steep I started to hyperventilate. So, needless to say, we took a small detour and still got most of the humongous East Wall. Chutes, moguls, trees and rocks. Oh, my. Intense. We survived. Left and went into Dillon and found the Best Western, which quoted the best prices. Got it for cheaper than the book said. The only issues I have are: It takes about 7 minutes to get hot water and they said we had internet wireless access and we don’t. I’m writing the company. I can see when a little place like the Snowshoe says they have it and then they don’t, but not a big corporation like Best Western. Not good. They do have a great indoor Jacuzzi and Sauna. We went to a noisy but really nice restaurant called Pub Ryan’s in Dillon. Great salmon and French Dip. Ate so much we could barely move, even though we were sharing. Billy asked me what time I thought it was and I said 10:00. It was only 7. Guess we’ll be heading to bed early.
  Favorite place to get the internet, besides outside The Denver.......... Chair lift ride up to East Wall.
  Yes, we did ski down this and no, it's not on the Moon, but it felt like it.
  The end of the East Wall and Billy coming out of more trees.
  If you look closely you can see the moon. And if you look at the sign you can see DANGER!!
  Billy skiing in the trees.
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Day 11