After the trip to Sacred Grounds and running late, Billy and I followed Andrews and Churchill towards Snowmass Mt. We stopped in El Jebel to pick up Johnny Mika, who has taugh skiing at Snowmass for 14 years. We parked at the Two Elks Lodge, which we thought was great but Andrews was quite dissapointed that the couches and coffee tables were gone. Johnny had discount tickets for us - it only cost us $47 each instead of something like $78 each. The five of us set out to ski, with quite a few stops for boot fixing, breaks, food, pit stops, etc. We did quite a few runs, and the sun was shining and the skiing was unbelievable. It was wonderful having Johnny with us, as he knew all the ins and outs of where to go. He took Billy off to do a few runs that were a little too much for the rest of us. (Although I did do the one tree/mogul run) We went up to the top of Snowmass on a poma lift. What a view from up there. After we forced Andrews to ski for more than an hour and a half more than what he normally does, we headed out. We had lunch at the Woody Creek Tavern, where Hunter S. Thompson used to spend time. It was great. We then headed back to Brian's and helped him hang his awards for Karate (He does classes all over Glenwood and some private lessons too.) After that we went to Russet's (The best restaurant in Carbondale) for dinner and just laughed hysterically as Churchill and Andrews tried to out do each other with their stories. I had heard most of them, but I think it was a pretty big learning curve for Billy. Got home early and started to pack up. On the road again tomorrow.
Beautiful Snowmass
The Boss, Mom, and Billy
Rick, Laura, and Jonny
Snow and whatnot
Top of the world

Some old dudes chillin' at the slopes

Lovin' it!
The guys: Rick, Johnny, and Bob
For Steph and Jan
Woody Creek Tavern
Woody Creek Tavern
Trying to out-story each other
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Day 10