First day of the PB and J Tour-  We both felt the mountains calling.  Billy from the day he got here a week ago and me from the minute I saw the mountains after I got in his car.  It’s truly amazing to me how much the mountains can come to mean to you and how you don’t really know you miss them until you see them again.  The Denver airport was a trip.  Rather amazing feat of engineering.  Saw the apartment that Billy has been staying with his high school friend, Josh.  Then rode out of town reading some bizarre question book that Josh said Billy should read called “Kokology.”  We seemed to have the same responses to a lot of the questions.  Here’s one for you: …something about a bluebird comin’ around, then the next day he’s yellow, then he turns red, then black.  Then you are supposed to choose what color you think he will be on the fifth day.  Does he stay black, does he change back to blue, does he turn white, or does he turn golden colored?  Apparently your answer to this question determines your outlook on life.  Pretty handy.  Want the answers?  Find the book, or e-mail us.  ...But then the scenery just got too beautiful and the scenarios in the book too weird so we just enjoyed the views.  Is Pike’s Peak north or south of Boulder?  We’ll have to google that.  Of course, that’s Billy’s response for everything I ask him.  We got to my sister Carol’s house and my Dad, his girlfriend Linda and my sister all came out to meet us.  My Dad looks older but more important, his knees are awful.  I hope by the time my knees go, they’ll have figured out a way to make them last longer without surgery.  (Cause I’m not giving up skiing!)  We had a great meal and I was ready for bed by 9:30- That, of course, is way past my bedtime EST.

Mom arrives safe and sound at the airport with bloodshot eyes and slurred speech due to her in-flight drug use (high anxiety!).
First hug with my sister. First time to see her house! It's soooo cute.
A fantastic feast of grilled chicken, portabello mushroom, squash, onion, turnip, garlic, and apple pie for dessert. Sweet. (No peanut butter, though)
Spent a little time "jammin" and relaxing.
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Day 1